GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- On Wednesday, Say Yes To Education announced that more than 2,000 Guilford County students received scholarships from the organization in 2016.

The scholarships cover tuition to a North Carolina public school after state and federal financial aid are applied.

There is also money available to certain private schools around the country based on a family's income and the school's partnership with Say Yes.

"We are comfortable that we have the funding to be able to pay for this first year of scholars. So there's no concerns on our end about not being able to follow through on that," Communications Director, Donnie Turlington, said. "And so far we have not missed a payment for anybody."

There were 5400 graduates in the Guilford County class of 2016. Of those, about 3600 went on to a 2 or 4-year college, according to the school district.

But that still leaves at least 1600 college-bound students who didn't get any scholarship money from Say Yes.

Turlington said those students could have been disqualified for a few different reasons. He said the students may have gone to an out-of-state school, failed to register for the program or chosen to attend a private school that doesn't partner with Say Yes.

So far, Say Yes has raised about $42 million in private funds. The organization's goal is to raise $70 million.

Say Yes says it will release more statistics regarding the first round of scholarships at the end of March.