HIGH POINT, N.C. – From November 13 through November 17 the College Foundation of North Carolina sponsors NC College Application Week.

During this week, many colleges in NC waive application fees to push high school seniors in completing college applications and enrollment.

In Guilford County, high schools get creative to motivate their seniors to apply and get excited about college.

One of the most common ways is designating a theme for each day of college application week, like a ‘spirit week.’

At Northwest High School, on Monday, teachers talked to student about their experiences at their alma maters; on Tuesday, students were encouraged to wear their favorite college apparel; on Wednesday, teachers will wear college gear from their schools to talk to students outside of the classroom; on Thursday, students will create posters displaying why they are going to college and complete applications in the school’s computer labs; and on Friday, the winner of the ‘School Spirit’ door decorating contest.

WFMY News 2’s Laura Brache visited Andrews High School, also participating in the 'College Spirit Week,' and where their first College Advising Corps adviser, Kimberly Clarida, works to ensure every one of her seniors submit their college and financial aid applications this week.

“My main goal is that all students are getting 100% participation into College Application Week, so across North Carolina students are able to apply to selective colleges for free,” Clarida says.

Each senior has an allocated time slot to visit the computer lab where Clarida will assist them with their college applications and answer any other questions they may have regarding the process.

Clarida noted that as an underrepresented school, most of Andrews students would qualify for College Board, FAFSA, and CFNC fee waivers outside of College Application Week, but this is an opportunity to bring them “into the lab and gives them the individualized attention with me and with other people outside who want to come in and help.”

Here are a few tips Clarida recommends for seniors taking advantage of College Application Week fee waivers:

  • This year, the State of North Carolina requires students considering college applications to complete the Residency Determination Service (RDS). This will determine if they are eligible for in-state tuition and state-funded financial aid. Make sure you complete it as soon as possible, since some colleges require an RDS before you apply.
  • Create your CFNC username and password before you meet with your adviser or CFNC volunteer to complete your college applications, which will save you time.
  • Similarly, the CFNC recommends students first complete their RDS, then their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and lastly the actual college applications.

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