An 11-year-old entrepreneur working hard to make her dreams come true.

"We're not in it for the money," said Teagan Huskey. "We're in it because we like to cook."

If money grew on trees, Teagan Huskey would sell you a hot dog.

"I told my mom I wanted my own business," said Teagan.

Teagan's Tasty Treats got started with a loan from the bank of Mom and Dad, and Teagan was off.

"She found a hot dog stand," said Teagan. "And I said yeah that's cool, and she said we can try it and see how it goes. And we've gotten this far."

The 11-year-old's entrepreneurial spirit took her to 210 Produce on Newport Parkway, selling hot dogs like crazy.

She's already made $290 since June.

"I'm actually going to donate to my favorite organization, which is Pets Without Parents," said Teagan.

But just outside the city limits is as far as she can take her business.

Sevierville's city code doesn't allow stands like Teagan's to be set up inside the city most of the time.

"There are some exceptions to those regulations," said Director of the Code Enforcement Department for Sevierville Butch Stott.

"There are some places where those type of catering vehicles are allowed in the city," said Stott.

Stott says special events often allow what Teagan wants to do, but says the code is in place to protect businesses who have made a significant investment in a permanent location.

But, that could change.

"We would present something to our leaders, they would have to discuss it, and it would be up to them," said Stott.

Teagan hopes the idea will grow on trees, so she can sell a few more hot dogs.

"I don't think they should give kids such a hard time, because they're only kids."

Stott says changing the code to allow mobile food stands could help business in town.

He hopes Teagan will be successful where ever she decides to put her stand.