The room was full of denim, permed afros, and the smell of acrylic paint. And that, could only mean one thing.

“Alrighty you, guys we’re going to get started,” said Kazan Clark, an instructor with Canvas and Cocktails in Cherry Creek. “Welcome to canvas and cocktails, ‘Bob Ross’ night you guys!”

The atmosphere was electric, even though the person that nearly 70 budding artists were there to celebrate was known for his calm demeanor.

“He’s about going with the flow and creating your own world and becoming friends with your own world,” said Tyler Laidig, a Bob Ross fan. “He’s just got a positive attitude, outlook on life, and he appreciates the little things.”

Canvas and Cocktails started these special “Dress Like Bob Ross” nights this summer. Clark said they are among the most popular nights for the business. Participants get a brand new Bob Ross-style wig, and painting instructions for a Bob Ross-inspired painting.

“It’s a way to escape your week, and it’s something different,” Clark said. “It’s out of the comfort zone of most people—it’s something a lot of people haven’t done since they were in kindergarten.”

Sunday’s participants painted a mountain scene, complete with trees, or “happy little trees” as Ross called them in his PBS show that aired in the 80s and 90s.

“We celebrate all things happy—happy trees, happy mountains, happy clouds,” Clark said.

The Bob Ross class is also available at other Canvas and Cocktails locations in the Denver metro area. The store said they have plenty of curly wigs to keep the night going—they just ordered 2,000 of them.

“You can’t watch him without calming down and wanting to do what he does,” said Andrea Meddles, who works at Canvas and Cocktails.

To learn more about Bob Ross nights, go to Canvas and Cocktails

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