CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Okay, Charlotte. It might be time for an intervention.

Yes, we have beautiful Carolina blue skies, an uptown skyline to die for, and plenty of gorgeous hiking trails within a short drive of the Queen City.

But apparently, we’re ugly. Like, one-of-the-five-ugliest-cities-in-America ugly, according to a recent Travel + Leisure survey. And they don't mean the city, either. They mean the people who call Charlotte home. 

Charlotte was named the fourth least attractive city in the country, trailing only Spokane, Washington, Sacramento, California, and the ugliest of the ugly, Baltimore, Maryland. The attractive score was part of a series of questions that judged cities across America on a number of categories. 

Here’s what T+L had to say about us.

“Readers appreciate Charlotte, North Carolina for its cleanliness. The pristine city is a banking mecca, and its central Uptown district is home to multiple Fortune 500 companies. Employees at Bank of America and Wells Fargo may work long hours, but they also like to stay active, playing tennis in Freedom Park or hiking in the surrounding Piedmont region. Somehow, that didn’t boost their attractive score.”

Sounds like the typical complimentary sandwich to us. “Yeah, your city is clean, and you have some nice outdoor activities … but you’re ugly. Sorry not sorry.”

To add insult (literally) to injury, T + L readers voted Charlotte as one of America’s 15 rudest cities.

Bless their hearts.