An emotional reunion 30 years in the making, a mother from Warren says at 20-years-old, she felt she was too young to take care of her son so she gave him up for adoption.

Cathy Davis met her son Jamie McFarland for the very first time face-to-face.

"I've changed a little bit in 30 years,” with tears in his eyes asks Jamie McFarland, Cathy’s son.

“It's been a growing experience, I’ve always wanted to know who my mother was,” McFarland explain.

An emotional day for Cathy Davis, she hugs her son for the first time in 30 years, after giving him up for adoption moments after giving birth.

“After I had Jamie, I got to feed him and hold him,” says Davis.

“The nurse said you don't have to give him away if you don't want too, It was already too late, and the papers were already signed,” she explains.

An act of love made by a mother, to give her child a better life.

“The choice you made for me to go with my family is the most selfless act anyone could ever do, because of you, you chose life,” says McFarland.

It's an encounter that started with a simple Facebook message.

After various Facebook messages, Davis finally exclaims "Jamie, I am your mother!”

“She responded that one day, and when I said my birthday, that's when we knew,” McFarland explains.

“Ii kind of feel like I’m in a dream right now, I’ve never thought about this moment,” says McFarland.

An exchange of emotions put on pause for 30-years, finally, a son was given an opportunity to thank his mother for making a heart-wrenching sacrifice.

“I think I’ve become the man that you're very proud of, if it wasn’t for your decision, I wouldn't be the man that I am today,” McFarland says.