DANVILLE, Va. — A woman who feared she had lost her family heirloom quilt for good got a welcome surprise Wednesday.

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Rachel Gibson Bowen reunited with her treasured quilt after her son accidentally donated it to Goodwill. She hadn't seen it since March 8. 

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The quilt was woven by her grandmother, sewed in part by her mother and finished by friends. She posted flyers all around the area and on Facebook offering a $500 reward for anyone who found and returned the quilt.

Bowen got a call from a woman in Victoria, Va. who bought the quilt at a local Goodwill store.

Bowen drove to Victoria to thank to woman and pick up the quilt. She also brought the the woman the $500 reward. 

"When I gave it to her, I said I feel like there's a reason that this happened. You must need this for something," Bowen explained. "And she he said yeah, I desperately need a new vehicle. God does everything for a reason and I think this was it."