Twins brothers who were in the car with 15-year-old Jordan Edwards are breaking their silence about the night he was shot and killed by former Balch Springs police Officer Roy Oliver.

Maximus and Maxwell Everette spoke exclusively to WFAA's Marcus Moore.

The twins, who were born just two minutes apart, are both traumatized by what they witnessed and saddened at the loss of a friend.

"If I could do anything in the world to bring him back I would," Maximus said.

They were with Jordan and two of his brothers the night he was shot and killed. The incident is still fresh on their minds.

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"I'm always thinking about it and what could've happened," Maxwell said. "Somebody else could've gotten killed too. It still hasn't really hit me yet."

The Everette brothers were in the back seat of the car and Jordan in the front passenger seat when their attempt to leave a house party took a violent turn.

"As we started driving away, the cops started shooting," Maximus recalled.

A bullet went through the passenger window and hit Jordan in the head. The brothers described chaos inside the car moments after the shooting.

"Like, 'Jordan is dead. He's dead!' Yelling," Maxwell said.

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"I was just shaking him by his jacket just to see if he was still breathing, but I'm sure he was already dead," Maximus said. "... Whenever we noticed that he was shot in the head that's when we called our parents. My brother, Maxwell, called my mom and they called the dad."

Their heartache would only grow when they heard Officer Oliver's account of that night, which they say clearly contradicted what actually happened. Chief Jonathan Haber said he was told officers heard gunfire and then a vehicle reversed back toward them. 

"I felt like we had no hope at the point," Maximus said.

His brother Maxwell was stunned.

"How are you going to lie that easily on something that is clear as day that did not happen? " he said. "So, really I was just confused as to why that was put out."

Haber later confirmed the retelling of the incident was incorrect and surveillance video told another story.

"In fact, according to the video that I viewed, the vehicle was moving forward as the officer was approached," Haber said.

News of Officer Oliver's swift firing and arrest, however, have brought some sense of solace as they hope for justice. In the meantime, their sincere desire is that something positive might come from the tragedy.

"We can only grow from this situation and everybody should use this not as a setback, but as motivation to live life through his spirit," Maximus said.