CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Sisters have a special bond. But twin sisters even more so.

Perhaps the only thing stronger than mother nature is the love of family.

"We are extremely close," said Becky Gower.

Polo Ridge Elementary School's first-grade teachers Becky Gower and Amy Earley are twin sisters. But the lives of the sisters are about to change.

"I was in shock because I had no idea strep throat could lead to this," said Amy Earley.

Earley is in the late stages of kidney failure. Gower wants to be her kidney donor.

"Hopefully Amy will have a life with fewer doctor's appointments and medicine and blood work," Gower says.

Earley says she would be forever grateful if her twin sister would be able to do this.

"I know Amy would do the same thing for me," Becky says.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with expenses. Those interested can visit the site here: