CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Former NASCAR Driver Mike Wallace came face-to-face with three men accused of attacking him in a bloody beat down after a country music concert in June.

Wallace testified in the trial of Randolph Magnum, Nathan and Paul Lucas that he still deals with pain on a daily basis from the incident and has difficulty with his vision.

"I felt my tooth laying back inside my mouth, I felt my eyes swollen myself and I felt blood in the back of my hand," he recalled.

There were some tense moments in court when the defense team asked Wallace to look at a video from that June night.

"I don't like looking at it sir," said an agitated Wallace. "I got the crap beaten out of me. I'm not really thrilled about it and it hurt. If you've ever had that happen to you, reliving those things not the most pleasant thing in the world."

Also injured in the attack was Wallace's daughter, Lindsey.

"It's my daughter, my loving daughter. Someone beat on her -- somebody did something to hurt her -- so it hurt and the problem was I wasn't able to protect her," he testified.

Magnum, Nathan and Paul Lucas pleaded not guilty to the assault charges. Wallace testified that the three men were with a larger group in the parking lot of the PNC Pavilion outside of the Rascal Flats concert.

He said he saw them before the show and again after. He said his group and theirs were initially exchanging jokes.

"I'm a very sociable person, I talk to everybody," he said.

However, Wallace testified that it was no laughing matter when he ran into the group at the end of the night. He said he jokingly made a remark about a member of the group who appeared drunk making it out of the arena safely, but he says one of the defendents responded with profanity.

"Mother******, ****sucker get the hell out of here," Wallace said the man yelled. "I said what the hell is going on, what's the matter with you."

"I don't recall anything after that point I remember getting hit in the face," he said.

The defense attorneys pointed out that Wallace had 4 drinks that night and that video shows him engaged in the profanity filled altercation prior to the brawl. Testimony is set to resume Wednesday.