GREENSBORO, N.C. -- An ordinance could soon mean fines for owners caught tethering unsupervised dogs, and a local organization is doing its part to make sure that doesn't have to happen.

Unchain Guilford is offering free fences to local families in need. The fences are meant to be replacements for home owners who tether their dogs to trees or other objects.

The initiative is in response to an ordinance in Guilford County that now makes it illegal to tether an unsupervised dog to any object.

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The ordinance is currently in an educational phase as groups are reminding dog owners of the issues that come with unsupervised tethering.

Starting Sept. 1, owners will receive warnings from the county if caught disobeying the ordinance. In September 2015, owners not meeting the code could face a fine starting at $100.

Unchain Guilford, along with the Guilford County Animal Shelter, the Greensboro Veterinary Hospital and Unchain Forsyth, built a free fence for a Greensboro family Saturday afternoon. The owners say they probably wouldn't be able to keep their dog if it weren't for the fence.

To receive your own free fence from the organization, your dog must be spayed or neutered, and you must meet certain financial requirements. For more information on receiving a free fence, head to the Unchain Guilford website.

Unchain Guilford works solely off of donations. The organization credits the Greensboro Veterinary Hospital as its primary donor as the group begins to spread through the community.