GREENSBORO, NC -- Our cold weather will be leaving us alone most of this week. We'll start our warm-up on Monday, getting back into the 60s, and stay there for much of the upcoming work-week. Rain will move in late Tuesday, and leave us by early Wednesday. One of the bigger question marks surrounds our weekend, whether it will be cool or warm is still up in the air.

High pressure has been keeping us cold and bone dry the last three days. This will end tomorrow as high pressure begins to slide off the coast. Winds shift around to a southerly direction on Monday, helping to usher in some warmth. At the same time, there's moisture too. Plan on more clouds Monday than we've seen, but the sun will still peek through from time to time. A stray sprinkle can't be ruled out, especially to the west toward the Foothills and mountain communities.

A cold front will be approaching the area on Tuesday evening. Ahead of it, we'll be nice and warm for much of the daytime hours. Clouds will thicken and showers will be possible Tuesday afternoon into Tuesday evening. This rain won't add up to much, likely less than half an inch.

Sunshine will return for our Wednesday, and temperatures won't change much with more highs in the mid 60s and a bit of a breeze. Thursday will be sunny and quiet as well with highs in the 60s, as will Friday. Heading into the weekend is where the forecast gets tricky.

Cold air in Canada will be charging up throughout the week, and starting to head south toward Friday. The big question is how far south does this cold air plunge. Right now, our two main forecasting models have split opinions: one showing a cold weekend, the other showing a warmer one. It's tough to say which will pan out at this time, but there is a some chance it could be unsettled and cool for Saturday and Sunday. We'll keep you posted.