GREENSBORO, NC -- Today, we honor a legendary writer.
A man who still makes kids' lives brighter.

It's a very special day, a birthday--- it's true!
Right now, we pay tribute to the great Doctor Seuss!
The author and poet left an impressive mark,
His words live today in minds and on hearts!

Here are a few things you might not know about Seuss.

He's not really a doctor, believe it, it's true!

He made up the name when he was in college,
he went to Dartmouth for his extra knowledge.

He didn't dream of rhymes,

Oh no, not at all.

In fact, Dr. Seuss really wanted to draw!
He started with cartoons, then gave tv ads a whirl.

He even had an imaginary daughter, Chrysanthemum Pearl!

So today as we celebrate Dr. Seuss' 113th birthday,
we'll share this rhyme, if we may.
Pick up a book---
Give your favorite story another *look.
Let your imagination run wild....
Feel the joy you once did as a child.
Whether its 'Cat in the Hat' or 'Green Eggs and Ham,'
Take time to read the stories that are still grand slams.
For now, remind all your friends to read.
Go ahead, take the lead,
Or as we like to say--- Read 2 Succeed!


Learn more about Dr. Seuss here.

Rhymes written by Kayla Colin & Cami Anthony.

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