GREENSBORO, NC -- Police in Greensboro say they're busy investigating a recent rash of crime in the city.

Right now, detectives are investigating three separate shootings that happened within a few hours of each other on Sunday.

The first shooting happened around 4:00 P.M. at a laundry mat on Randleman Road. One man was injured.

Less than three hours later, Raheem Heading, 43, was in the driver's seat of a vehicle when police say he was shot on Rugby St.

Heading was taken to the hospital, where police say he was pronounced dead.

Then, just 15 minutes later, a third shooting happened on West Florida Street.

Police say two people were shot.

Police have not released the victim’s conditions, the suspect’s motive, or any further details on those shootings.

These three incidents are all just the latest, on a long list of unsolved crimes in Greensboro.

Captain Nathaniel Davis with the Greensboro Police Dept. says detectives need the public’s help to make the city safer.

“Any information we can get to help put the pieces of that investigation together would be tremendously helpful,” said Davis. “If we come together as a police department and as a community as one, we can help resolve these issues.”

In Greensboro alone, police say there were 39 gun assaults in the last 30 days.

Seven people were shot and killed since September, 17.

That's approximately 1/3 of the yearly average -- in just 1 month!

Davis says police are very concerned about this trend.

"Any crime is too much. Any death and any shooting is too much,” said Davis. “As a police department, we are looking at ways that we can readjust our strategies, our deployments, and our efforts to ensure that the citizens of Greensboro feel more safe."

Davis says detectives are having a hard time tracking down leads in any of the 3 shooting incidents that happened Sunday night.

But those aren't the only cases they're struggling with.

Davis says investigators are also still looking for the person who shot and killed two NC A&T State University students at a party off campus earlier this month.

Cops are also looking for the person responsible for shooting and killing the security guard at the Food Lion on West Market Street.

Police are actively seeking new leads in all these cases but Davis says it's tough to solve cases when people aren't talking.

"We are talking to the city about how the police department can be better and how the city can be a more safer city,” said Davis. “With that, I want to plead to the community that if you have information, we need your help.

We need your help solving these crimes and bringing closure to these families."

Those three shooting incidents on Sunday all happened within a few miles of each other police say they are not connected.

Police don't have a motive and they aren't sure if one or more people are involved.

With NCA&T's homecoming only a couple weeks away, police say safety is a concern.

That's why they want to remind everyone to remind on high alert.

Walk in groups.

Keep your cell phone close by.

And most importantly if you see something suspicious, report it to police.