THE WOODLANDS, Texas - A group of girls say their sense of security is shattered after they caught someone taking photos of them in a department store dressing room.

The 16-year-olds were shopping with friends at Tyler’s Department Store near The Woodlands mall.

KHOU 11 is not identifying the girls, one of whom is the daughter of a KHOU 11 employee, because they’re minors and victims of a crime.

As two of the friends tried on swimsuits at Tyler’s on May 30, they realized the bottom of one was missing. A quick search revealed something else entirely.

“I saw a hand and a cell phone underneath the bench,” one teen said. “I looked a little closer and it pulled away.”

She says her first thought that another friend was pulling a prank was quickly replaced by a horrifying realization.

She told her friend, “’There was someone outside who I think was taking pictures of us under the thing.’”

A friend who’d been posted outside the fitting room followed the suspect until he left the store, then reported what had happened to the staff, who called the sheriff’s office.

“The cop was like, ‘How long do you think you were in the dressing room?’” said the other teen. “We were easily in there for 20 minutes, but we don’t know how long he was standing there watching.”

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says the same guy was caught pulling a similar stunt at a nearby Target a few days later.

The victim in that case says someone reached a phone over the door into the dressing room. She opened the door and confronted the man who was standing there with a sleeping child in a stroller.

She even snapped a picture of him before he allegedly rammed her with the stroller to get away.

The suspect still hasn’t been caught, which is why these teens are speaking up.

“I just want everyone to be aware of it because you think The Woodlands is a safe place,” one girl said. “You never realize what can actually happen.”

If you have any more information about this case, call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.