MARIETTA, Ga. -- A gruesome Halloween display in front of a Marietta business is upsetting neighbors over the scene that it depicts: presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decapitated, in a pool of blood.

11Alive wants to warn readers that some of these images are graphic, but as 11Alive’s Kaitlyn Ross reports, the owner said he never meant to offend anyone.

Albin Blomkvest told 11Alive he puts up Halloween decorations every year. He said it started it as a way to draw attention to his business, but this year, he knew it would be controversial.

“I put the Trump dummy out first and somebody stole it, so that was the key that I had to put the Hillary head out,” he told 11Alive.

Blomkvest said he changes the display every week, moving the mask around and adding decorations. At night he runs a light show and music to go along with it.

PHOTOS | Gruesome Halloween decorations portray a decapitated Hillary Clinton

The business owner insists that it’s just a gag and people who think the decorations are in poor taste are taking the display too seriously.

“Everyone thinks it's funny,” he said.

But Hillary Clinton supporter Adrienne White doesn't think it's a joke.

“There's absolutely no taste in portraying a presidential candidate in this manner,” White said. She told 11Alive she's offended by the display, and she's not sure what it's supposed to accomplish.

“I want to have good robust, challenging, conversations around how we want to accomplish better things for our country, and you can do that without threatening someone's life.”

White also questions why he would depict such graphic violence against women. Blomkvest said that was not his intent.

“I don't want to portray any of that at all, not in the slightest,” he said. “It was just a Halloween gag.”

As of yet, Blomkvest said he has not received any complaints directly about the display, and he doesn't think he should. “It's a rubber mask I bought at Walmart for $10,” he said, “take it what you will.”

But no matter the criticism, Blomkvest said he intends to keep the display up, and it will get even more dramatic before Halloween.