"They're carrying a dead body here."

Jean Cius scrolls through PICTURES of his HOMELAND like a recurring nightmare. The devastation….ALL too familiar.

"It's breaking your heart when you see that."

He SAW the island like this before. In 2010 following the massive earthquake.

"The country was gone to say the least. There's no words to express what I felt and what I saw."

Cius helped lead efforts to collect donations for Haiti. He used his OWN money to rebuild SCHOOLS and CHURCHES. THEN he wrote a book called Haiti beyond the RUBBLE.

"In my opinion based on what I saw in Haiti, I believe Haiti was in the process of getting back."

But now, MUCH of his work and his DREAMS have been reduced to rubble once more. Officials estimate more than 800 people have died there.

"We are asking the questions, how much can Haiti bare? What can we do? Why Haiti?"

He has FOUR SISTERS on the island. They're doing okay. But the suffering for SO MANY there continues…leaving Haitians like Cius with little else to CLING to but their faith.

"As bad as I feel, I must keep my eyes on him and I must cry unto him."