EAST TEXAS -- Harvey is no longer a hurricane, but the storm is still just beginning in Texas. The storm will quite literally sit over the state for days on end, dropping flooding rain all the through the end of the week.

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas as an extremely powerful Category 4 hurricane Friday night, with winds of 130 mph. Those winds have now weakened, and it is now considered a tropical storm. The wind is unlikely to cause any more damage in Texas.

However, Harvey is stuck. It is being blocked from moving much at all in the coming days by two high pressure areas on both sides of the storm. This means, the storm will spin over Texas for days, dropping extremely heavy rain every day. There's also a threat for tornadoes at times this week.

Some areas have already seen 15 inches of rain, but storm totals of 20" to 30" and even as high as 40" are possible, which will create catastrophic flooding.