FORT MILL - A disease that could take your dog's life has crept into the Carolinas.

It's called 'Canine Distemper' and it shut down the Lancaster County Animal Shelter last month.

NBC Charlotte spoke with veterinarian, Jacob Mauck, to find out how you can prevent your pet from being infected.

"The most important thing is to get your dog vaccinated and to complete the full series of vaccines to keep up with it," said Mauck.

Mauck added that Canine distemper is typically spread in shelters or a place where lots of unvaccinated dogs are housed together.

"The classic signs of distemper are things like nasal discharge and coughing, and then diarrhea and vomiting," said Mauck.

It's a deadly disease but it's also easily preventable by vaccinating your dog.

Cats can also fall victim to feline distemper but it's not a disease related to dogs.

If your pet isn't vaccinated, you can bring them to the Humane Society of York County on Saturday at 8am where they will vaccinate your animals for free.

The Lancaster County Animal shelter is also vaccinating animals for $3.00 each.