Ten more flu deaths were reported last week in North Carolina, bringing the total this season to 42. It feels like one of the worst years for the flu, but is it really? We consulted with a local doctor to separate fact from fiction when it comes to influenza.

While this is a deadly flu season it is not the worst in recent years. According to the North Carolina Department of Health, at this point in 2015, 140 people with flu-related symptoms had died. But this year is the second deadliest in North Carolina over the past five years.

Flu deaths by mid-January in North Carolina:

2015: 140 deaths

2018: 42 deaths

2014: 31 deaths

2017: 15 deaths

2016: 1 death

We consulted Dr. Sloan Manning with Novant Health asking several other flu-related question.

Can you get the flu more than once per season? Yes.

You can get several different types of flu within one season. H3N2 is the most active right now, but H1N1 and Type B Respiratory Flu are also hitting hard. You can even get the same strain twice, although that’s unusual.

Does getting the vaccination help you overcome the flu faster. Yes.

Dr. Manning says if you get your flu shot but still get the flu, your symptoms tend to be milder and subside quicker.

Which flu remedies work and which ones don't?

Dr. Manning recommends Tamiflu which can be taken for prevention or to reduce severity and duration of an active flu case. Staying well-hydrated and eating nutritionally will also help. But steroid and vitamin shots will not. He doesn’t recommend them for treating flu. Dr. Manning also says overdosing on Vitamin C will not be fruitful. He says your body can only hold about 200 milligrams.