WINSTON SALEM, N.C. -- Five people have already died from the flu, so far this flu season in North Carolina.

Doctors say the best way to protect yourself is a flu shot, but some are skeptical

"Well, I don't really think they work. The only time my husband and I ever got them, we've never been so sick in our lives so we've been avoiding them like the plague," said Tiffany King, who doesn't get a flu shot.

She says flu shots just aren't for her and her family, and she's not alone.

On Tuesday, we spoke with doctors about the flu shot, that might not be very effective this year.

I spoke with others today who just don't get flu shots, but we also spoke to a few who do.

When I told them this year's flu shot is predicted to only be about 10 percent effective, everyone was shocked.

Usually these predictions are made after watching how Winter went in the Southern Hemisphere. In Australia, many watched on as during their winter months, the vaccine was only effective on about one in 10 people.

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For folks who did, and folks who didn't get their shot this year, they all had similar reactions.

"10 percent effective? That doesn't make me feel very secure about her getting a flu shot," said Edith Enriquez, who got her flu shot.

"10 percent? That's it? I mean, I guess going natural is better. Taking all the right steps to keeping your health in tact is basically good," said Thaddaeus Crawford, who did not get his flu shot.

While doctors and health departments in our area have heard about the possible effectiveness of the vaccine, everyone I talked to is still urging people to get the shot, because the flu is still a very serious problem.

"Every year we have several folks die from influenza. Folks who get the flu vaccine every year, they retain a little bit of the immunity from the previous year's vaccine. So, someone who has had a flu vaccine every year for the past 15 years is much more protected than someone who got their first and only flu vaccine this year," said Dr. Lon Morgan, a Family Practice Physician at Novant Health Friedberg Family Medicine.

While people on the street differ on whether or not they should get the flu shot, health experts remain adamant, the flu shot is the way to go.

Of course, they also recommend common health practices like always washing your hands, and sneezing into a tissue or your elbow.