A St. Louis man was told he only had 72 hours to live because of a rare blood disease, but two weeks later he is alive with hope for the future.

“The doctors told my momma I wasn't going to live to see tomorrow," he said in a video posted to Facebook. "Look at my God."

Lawrence Watson, 33, said it’s been his faith that has kept him alive. For the last three years, Watson has been in an uphill battle. A battle doctors believed he could not win.

"In this year alone, I went through blindness in both eyes, went through a stroke and two heart attacks," Watson said.

Since 2014, Watson not only survived two heart attacks, he underwent 25 blood transfusions. He has stage-five kidney failure and currently fighting a rare blood disease called Vasculitis at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. It’s a disease that has compromised his organs and immune system. Watson shared his story in a video that has now reached more than 200,000 views on social media. He told 5 On Your Side why he chose to do so.

"To show people god's greatness because he has yet to fail me,” he said.

The Watson family believes in the power of God, but it's hard to not give into fear when all seems lost.

"Me and my son [have] been here for over two months, for two months,” his mother Rosemary Watson said. "When you sit in here for all two months looking at walls, all four walls, it does take a toll on a person."

Watson is a father of five kids. His mother said seeing their dad in the hospital has been tough.

"They love their daddy,” she said. “It's hard."

Watson's mother said he outlasted the 72 hours doctors gave him, but he still has a long way to go.

"Getting his legs strong where he can at least stand on him because right now the Vasculitis the took control of his legs and he can't stand,” she said. “You should see him at night he tries so hard to do exercises with his feet."

But, when he does get better mom has a wish waiting to be granted.

"I'm going see him get married. I'm going come dance at his wedding,” she said.

Watson's mother said she hopes her son can leave the hospital next week. She knows that's going to take another miracle, but as she said with God anything is possible.

The Watson family set up a GoFundMe account for Lawrence. If you would like to donate, you can click here.