CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Pet owners beware as poisonous snakes are on the move.

NBC Charlotte has received several calls and emails over the past few days -- of copperhead attacks on dogs.

"There were two more snakes in the same location so three within 24 hours," said Katie Nealer, whose dog was bitten by a copperhead snake.

Snakes don't discriminate between people and pets. If you cross paths there's a chance they might strike.

Poor little Beasley learned that the hard way.

"There was a point where we thought he actually might not do well," said Katie.

Beasley was bitten in the leg by this copperhead. It happened in Katie Nealer's front yard. Luckily her son came to the rescue.

"I just picked up a stick and hit it a couple times," said Mick Nealer, Katie's son.

The family rushed Beasley to the animal hospital. Miraculously he survived, but when the Nealer's got their bill she was shocked.

"$473.97," said Katie.

A dog's life might be priceless, but a trip to the animal hospital certainly isn't. Earlier this year, Sarah Johnson's miniature schnauzer was bitten by a baby copperhead. Doctors used a dose of the anti-venom. Their bill just about $700. Unfortunately, Maple, their dog, didn't make it.

Now the Nealer's are doing all they can to make sure this doesn't happen again. They bought two jugs of snake away and aren't afraid to use it because they know Beasley might be as lucky next time.

"Could've been a lot worse," said Katie.