HOUSTON - The sudden death of Katie May, a model in California who suffered a stroke after a visit to a chiropractor, made headlines across the country earlier this month. A Houston-area woman saw the story on KHOU 11’s Facebook page and said something similar happened to her.

“You know, it was just really, really sad. I felt so sad for her family,” said Rebecca Eastman.

She spent her 30th birthday in the ICU and had to learn how to walk again.

“My God, I think I came closer to dying than I really want to say,” said Eastman.

Just days before the accident, she had hurt her neck moving furniture and decided to go to a chiropractor for the very first time.

The chiropractor used a numbing spray that she mistook as the cause of her weird reaction hours after her treatment.

“He cracked the other side and it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life,” said Eastman.

Her sight was blurry and then she said she felt cold and tingly.

“I drove home. I felt my car pulling. I thought it was my alignment.”

At home, things got worse, she slurred her words and couldn’t walk.

She finally ended up at the hospital overnight.

“In the morning, the doctor came and told me I had had a stroke. I was like whatever, no I didn’t. Nobody at 29 thinks they’re gonna have a stroke,” said Eastman.

Now at 35, she looks back and realizes how lucky she is.

“I’m not knocking chiropractors at all, you know a lot of people benefit from it. I’ll never go back to one,” said Eastman.“I wouldn’t want anybody else to go through it.”

According to CBS News, a Neurosurgeon said the chances of injuring your neck during a visit to a chiropractor are rare, but can be disabling.

He said the best way to avoid risk is to refuse adjustments that involve rapid twisting of the neck. The head of the American chiropractic association said adjustments are safe.

KHOU 11 tried to reach out to Eastman's chiropractor, but he's no longer with the same practice.