HIGH POINT, NC -- Winston, a former High Point K-9 police officer, doesn't act a day over two-years-old but the gray streaks on his face tell a different story. He retired from the force last year after eight years of superior narcotics searching. Now the 13-year-old dog lives with his handler, Officer Andrew Lanier.

When a police dog retires he or she is adopted by their human partner and it becomes that officer's responsibility to care for the canine and pocket any costs that come up. Since the dogs are older that typically includes medical costs. The Retired K-9 Fund helps offset those costs for the High Point and Archdale Police Departments. During National Police Week the organization is pushing to raise $10,000 to help serve these four-legged heroes who have served us for many years.

The fund said, "During active duty these highly-trained and devoted animals get nothing but superior care and attention. After the K-9's retire, the handlers who adopt them maintain this level of care and support."

That can quickly become expensive. In just one year Winston has been to the veterinarian twice with bill more than $500 each. The Retired K-9 Fund hopes to help soften the blow of those pricey visits.

You can support these officers by donating on the fund's GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/retiredk9healthfund. You can also mail donations directly to the Retired K-9 Fund at P.O. Box 6682 in High Point, NC, 27262.