The holiday dinners with your aunt, uncle or even cousin you haven't seen in awhile are here.

Some relatives you may be very happy to see, but others, you would rather see them just in a photo.

And as much as you try to avoid them, you can't forget the inevitable awkward conversations.

12 News reporter Ryan Cody brought in former hostage negotiator Isabela Maldenado for a Facebook live interview.

Ryan and Isabela gave certain scenarios and tips to use if a Thanksgiving dinner were to get heated.

Some Isabela's tips include:

1. The host should always tell her guests prior to arriving to please stay away from talking points that could cause an argument like sore subjects and politics.

2. Organize seating arrangements so that the guests that are likely to start an argument are not near one another.

3. Avoid having alcohol during dinnertime.

4. If an arguments does start during dinner, make a statement to remind everyone to please not discuss this certain issue.

5. If someone is talking, don't interrupt, instead practice listening.

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More tips and an actual scenario of how to handle a heated discussion will be on 12 News tonight at 10:00 p.m.