GREENSBORO, NC -- It's called the Hunter's Moon, and you won't want to miss it. The full moon will be bright and beautiful Saturday night across the Piedmont.

The "Hunter's Moon" is just a name for a full moon that happens in the month of October. Traditionally, October would be a time to prepare for the upcoming winter, and was often a time for hunting to stock up on food for the cold months ahead.

Saturday night's full moon will rise at 6:45, the same time as sunset, in the eastern sky. If you catch it low on the horizon, it will appear a bit bigger and may have a yellow or orange hue. After that, it will rise through the night sky and be a bright white. It will set around sunrise Sunday morning.

These nicknames given to full moons can often cause confusion. You've likely heard the terms used before: "strawberry moon", "blue moon", and others. Just remember, all full moons appear the same in the sky, they won't appear in special colors, or in this case bring any thunder on their own.