Whether is needs some scraping or comes out steaming, WFMY News 2's Julie Luck wants to find it.

Julie's a self-proclaimed food lover, and she's always on the quest to try new restaurants. One hot spot in the Triad that has a huge selection is downtown Greensboro.

During an adventure downtown, Julie crossed a new location offer her list. She stopped by Pier Oyster Bar and Grill, which opened just a few months ago. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes.

"I really like everything. So that means trying different restaurants, different cuisines. Whether it's Japanese, Italian, California-inspired... I'm all for it," says Julie.

During her trips away from the station, Julie's come across several tasty stops like Britt's Donuts on the North Carolina coast, oysters in New Orleans, and a slice of pizza in New York City.

Julie says if she goes on vacation, the very first thing she does is research restaurants.