Where the Dan and Smith Rivers meet, our community thrives. The city of Eden is the perfect balance of energetic downtown set in a great outdoors. From shopping to dining and paddling to hiking, there’s a bit of paradise here for everyone.

Take advantage of our rich 50-year heritage by visiting our diners, downtown and drive-ins. Dine with us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, at retro diners or an irresistible bakery. Stroll through our historic downtown, and find future treasures at antique stores, boutiques, an art gallery and our museum. Embrace nostalgia at the only classic drive-in theatre in the Triad.

Find the beauty and vibrancy of nature on the Dan River. The Dan is a great way to experience that pure easy feeling of riding down the river or hiking the trails alongside. The wildlife is diverse. The escape is sensational. From sunrise to sunset, explore Eden’s small town and big outdoors.

To see more about the City of Eden and things to do with the family, visit www.exploredennc.org