HIGH POINT, N.C. -- There's no point in crying over spilled milk - but what about 1,000 gallons of spilled milk?

High Point Police and Fire worked to clean up the massive milk spill at Hunter Farms on North Main Street near Idle Street Thursday evening.

The milk spill happened around 9 p.m. Police had to shut down North Main Street both ways for about an hour to clean up the milk, but two lanes are now back open from Dayton to Irbywood.

The High Point Fire Department said buttermilk mixed with a water solution leaked from a processing line at Hunter Farms. The line apparently disconnected causing the leak. The milk solution washed over the curb and into the storm drains along the road. Clean up crews are working to dilute the solution that washed into the storm drains.

Six fire crews responded to help with the emergency clean up effort.