GREENSBORO, N.C. – You could call it an early Christmas present as 15 homeowners got to do something most of us dream of – burn their final mortgage.

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The Habitat Greensboro homeowners stood around the fire and waited to toss their mortgages in the flames in celebration of paying off their homes.

It was a special moment filled with smiles and a sense of relief for so many families all gathered together around the bonfire.

Among the families, Kimberly Brock who moved into her Habitat home in 2001 and paid off her mortgage in July.

Kimberly Brock throws final mortgage payment into fire after paying off her home! 

Brock said, “I took pictures of me putting the last envelope in the mailbox. I was just so psyched! I cannot tell you what a relief it is to not have to worry about a mortgage anymore.”

She said there was a time in her life when she couldn’t ever imagine it as a possibility to pay off her mortgage.

Brock was working as a medical transcriptionist at Women’s Hospital when she applied for her home. With new technology, Brock had to reinvent her career to support her family which meant going back to school at Guilford Technical Community College. She now works as a certified medical assistant at Monarch Behavioral Health.

She has two children and her son is on the Autism Spectrum.

“Being able to have our house paid for means he’ll have a place to live for the rest of his life. He’s always going to have a place to call home and that just means the world to me,” said Brock.

She also said she was determined to make this a reality for her family, “I was determined it was going to happen this year and it did.”

As we watched the homeowners toss in their mortgages into the fire, there was one couple holding hands who did it together.

Sandra and Gabriel Ortiz throw their mortgage into the fire after paying off their home.

Sandra and Gabriel Ortiz have been married for 37 years. They have three kids. The night was a magical one for them as they tossed in their mortgage into the flames.

Gabriel said, “It was wonderful because it was our goal. It was very exciting.”

The couple stood in amazement of the night and being with their family.

Gabriel said, “It was a wonderful dream.” “It’s a blessing for our family. We feel very good. It’s the dream to pay off your mortgage. A good dream.”

Gabriel  Ortiz holds up paid in full mortgage! 

Sandra added, “it was a very special moment. A very, very special moment.”

Last year we first introduced you to LoUna Russell. She’s also one of those lucky homeowners to pay off her mortgage. Russell did it in a very special way with spare change.

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Russell said, she learned a valuable lesson from her mother early on in life to count every penny.
Russell meticulously rolled spare quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies to pay it all off.

LoUna Russell paid off her Mortgage all with spare change and 14 yrs early! Pic. Courtesy: LoUna Russell 

Now she has a new financial goal and she’s also routinely saving what would be her mortgage payment each month.

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