GREENSBORO, NC - Triad authorities are investigating multiple reports of teenagers throwing objects into traffic off a bridge!

Greensboro Police received a report on Sunday morning about two teenagers throwing a plastic water bottle off of the Randleman Rd. bridge that crosses over Business I-85 in Greensboro.

Police responded and both teens were taken home without charges pressed against them.

A couple hours later, the Guilford County Sheriffs Office received a report of teens throwing rocks off that same bridge.

One car windshield was damaged because of the rocks.

However, authorities were not able to link the two cases together.

Now, some truck drivers are on high alert.

These aren't just pranks.

Police say these are full fledged crimes.

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You can be charged with vandalism or property damage for throwing something off a bridge and hitting a car.

But worse than that is the danger that goes along with it.

Luke Atkins is the General Manager of Walkers Express Incorporated.

At any given time, his company has 35 different vehicles on the road, including six big trucks.

Atkins says they constantly train and talk about safety and situational awareness on the roadways.

He says the thought of someone throwing rocks or water bottles or anything in to traffic is horrifying.

"It's not going to bust the windshield, it's going to come through the windshield," said Atkins. "Depending on the location of where it enters the windshield, it could completely incapacitate the driver. Then, you've just multiplied the situation times 10."

Depending on where the object hits, Atkins says it could be dangerous for anyone and everyone on the road.

"A truck like this, 17,500 pounds empty, that's 8 1/2 tons! You hit this windshield with something, if the driver is not prepared for something like that, and who is, they can be very dangerous," said Atkins. "Not just for the driver but for all the vehicles around the truck."

At the time of this report, police have not found the kids who threw the rocks.

Police do not know if the incidents are related at this time.