GREENSBORO, NC -- You're scrolling through Facebook and what do you see? A post shared by a friend that claims Delta is giving away 2 tickets to anyone who fills out a survey.

Now, you're thinking, “it's not true”, but just in case, you
hit the link. BOOM.

Okay, so your phone doesn't self-combust, but a Travel and Leisure reporter filled out the survey to see what would happen and he started immediately getting telemarketing calls. One right after the other. You don't want that! And that's the least of what can happen.

When you like or share a fake post it opens you up to scammers being able to get a look at your personal info, your friends list, which the scammers sell to others for money and pumping a bunch of ads into your news feed.
So, we're good, right? You get you shouldn't share it or open it up just in case it might be real? Good.
Here's another way you can protect yourself; you can spot a real site versus a fake site by looking for a blue check. This is important, you hover your mouse over it and if this verified box pops up, it's a real site.