ID=11374683Lindsay Foody has a beauty of a job. She's a dog walker.

"People fall in love with my clients, I have the cutest clients," Lindsay said.

But, if you are a dog owner, at some point you become a dog chaser. So I wanted to show Lindsay the Spotlite 2.0 GPS pet locator. It uses a small device to track your pet and you can watch it all on your computer or smart-phone.

Here's how we tested the Spotlite 2.0. Lindsay put the device on Chipper, the cutest Labradoodle of all time.

ID=7886031We all went for a walk all around the Pike Place Market area to see if the Spotlite 2.0 could track our movements.

After our walk we checked the Spotlite 2.0 website and it indeed followed our every move.

"That's a lot of detail," Lindsay said.

The website shows data points along with the walk that are accurate to a few yards.It will also send email alerts if your dog is missing with nearby addresses.If your dog ends up in a car, it will send you an email when the device is moving at the speed of your choice. The Spotlite 2.0 has an SOS button that will send an immediate message with your pet's location.

"I think it looks great. I think it works," Lindsay said.

The product is expensive at around $120 plus $20 a month for monitoring. But if you want to keep tabs on your precious one, how much money is too much?