GREENSBORO, NC – 2 Wants To Know (2WTK) is helping to settle a disagreement between a co-worker and their spouse and it all deals with sunshades: Do they really make a difference?
In the name of keeping the peace at home, this morning we parked two black cars facing the sun, one with a sunshade and one without. We left them there all day.

We checked the temp at lunch time. The car without the shade showed 63°C or in or terms, 145°F.

The car with the sunshade, well, the thermometer died. We found out after 120° it just doesn't register. So, the best case scenario is the sunshade did keep the other car 20°degrees cooler...maybe.

Here's the thing, car experts say it's more than just the air temperature, it's protecting your car dash from fading and cracking. And it could make your steering wheel not so hot to the touch.

But as for the sunshade cooling your car off A LOT, it's kind of a toss up.