WINSTON-SALEM – “Water is low. Water is low”. That might be the words to save Christmas!

2 Wants To Know put The Evergreen Elf to the 2 Test. The product is supposed to alert you when the Christmas tree is running low on water so you don’t have to guess or crawl under the tree needlessly.

Ted Sullivan, a man from Winston-Salem, invented the elf because....
“I got tired of having my wife tell me to check the tree.. And then not actually doing it and having the tree die on me.”

We've all been there and done that! 2WTK got a real tree, filled the stand with water, you put The Evergreen Elf on the stand and put the sensor in the water. We waited and we waited.. And when the water got low, the red light started blinking and we heard the elf tell us…” The water is low. The water is low.”

Of course the elf started talking at 3AM, when the Good Morning Show folks were here. So, be aware, you may hear voices in the night.
“Yeah, he'll talk about once an hour until you fill him up and he works on a battery. Batteries are included with the elf. And he will let you know if the battery is low by flashing yellow.”

The Evergreen Elf passes the 2 Test. It's $23 and can buy it online. There's even a promo code for 15% off right now.