The Sensei Shield is a pair of gloves that claim to be cut-resistant and protect your hands from cuts or scrapes when you work in the kitchen. Question is, does the Sensei Shield really live up to its safety claim?

Chef Vance Ely had a tough time gripping vegetables with the Sensei Shield on, but then he put it to a real test. He put a carrot inside a glove and took a knife to it. The Sensei Shield did protect the carrot. He also ran a knife over the glove with his hand inside, and his hand stayed safe. The Sensei Shield wasn't even damaged by the blade.

Chef Vance also rubbed the Sensei Shield up against a cheese grater, and again, his hand was totally protected from the sharp grater.

The Sensei Shield is one tough glove. It's cut-resistant, durable, and it passed the 2 Test.