No plugs, no wires, no mess.

Underlight motion activated LED lighting claims to be a way to add more light to the places that need it most. Our sister station in Austin, Texas put it to the 2Test to see if the Underlight lived up to its hype.

The kit comes with two-12 inch light strips, a motion detector with a timer, and adhesive strips. Directions are simple. Insert 3 double A batteries, attach the LED strip, and watch it light up.

Apply the adhesive and you're ready.

Underlight is incredibly easy to install, and it's very bright.

The small motion detector instantly picks up any movement in front or on the side.

You can attach as many as six of the light strips together, and you can set it to turn itself off after 1 minute or 5.

Underlight turned out to live up to what it claims to do. It's bright. It's simple. and it passed the 2 Test.