GREENSBORO, NC -- A ribeye – for a buck? Yes, it exists! A viewer wanted to know if the dollar ribeye advertised at the Dollar Tree was really a beef ribeye? We took it to an expert for a 2 Test.

Chris Ryan knows a ribeye steak. He cuts his own at the New York Butcher Shoppe.Chris starts his inspection of our steak with a quick read of the package. "The USDA stamp here at the bottom does tell me that this is beef."

So it's beef. But is it a ribeye? Chris lays his hand-cut ribeye next to the Dollar Tree ribeye. "This does look like a ribeye just due to the muscle here. You've got a muscle that wraps around. You've got your fat and your connective tissue. That tells me this is a ribeye."

So we know it's beef and we know it's a ribeye cut. But how does the Dollar Tree ribeye taste compared to a more expensive ribeye? After a quick pan fry, three blindfolded beef eaters put it to the taste test. Nick says sample number one is moist and soft. Kevin says sample number two is a little bit chewier than sample number one.

What do the taste bud's tell us? Which one is the Dollar Tree ribeye?

Adam: "2"
Nick: "2"
Kevin: "Number 2 actually seemed a little bit tougher than number 1."

Wrong! Number one was the Dollar Tree ribeye. Kevin asks, "Are you kidding? Wow that's surprising."

Now some other people also did the blind taste test *off camera* and they easily identified the Dollar Tree ribeye.

It was pretty tender when we cut it up. One reason could be that the Dollar Tree ribeye says it's enhanced with up to 30% solution of bromelain. That's a meat tenderizer. Chris also says that locks in moisture.