GREENSBORO, NC -- Did you get one of those water testing kits on your door? 2 Wants To Know viewer Elly Sippos did and emailed 2WTK, " Numerous residences in the area are having 'water test kits'  left in the yard, at their door and in the mailbox this is a scam that tells people their water is bad and then try to sell you a water filtration system."

It's not a scam, but the Better Business Bureau does call it a deceptive business practice because people are led to believe the kit is from the city or's not. "They may just see the big print and think that this is something that I need to do. I need to get my water tested, " says the BBB's Kevin Hinterberger.

The form looks official but it lacks specifics about exactly who's doing the testing. To be clear, it is a business not a municipality of any kind.  And it asks you for personal information – your employment status,  household income range, your email. Your signature. 

This water sampling kit makes the rounds every year.  If it hasn't made it to your neighborhood yet.. it probably will. But now you know it's NOT something you have to do.