RALEIGH, N.C. -- State lawmakers have been in session since January 25 and in that time, nearly 500 bills have been introduced.

Senators have filed 214 bills while State Representatives have introduced 277 pieces of legislation.

Governor Roy Cooper has signed just 1 of those bills into law.

2 Wants to Know is looking at three bills that deal with Fantasy Sports, economic terrorism and defining when someone is an adult.

Fantasy Sports Regulation

HB279 would require Fantasy Sports operators to register with the Secretary of State, pay an annual fee and taxes. Representative John Hardister, a co-sponsor of the bill, says the companies want to be regulated.

The bill would also declare Fantasy Sports as a game of skill - not gambling.

Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Act

North Carolina and New York are the only two states that try 16-year-olds as adults. A proposed bill would increase that age to 18. The bill sponsor says programs within the juvenile system will help lessen the chance of them being a repeat offender.

Governor Roy Cooper is a supporter of the bill. In a statement, he said, "Law enforcement, the courts and experts on juveniles agree that raising the age makes sense for North Carolina, and that's why my budget includes initial investments to make this happen. Raising the age can actually save North Carolina money in the long run if juvenile justice needs are adequately funded, and it makes communities safer by giving young people an opportunity to turn away from a life of crime. I believe we can find common ground across political lines to raise the age and make progress for North Carolina."

Economic Terrorism

Lawmakers have proposed a bill that would make "economic terrorism" a crime.

Some of the protests in Charlotte over the police shooting death of Keith Scott turned violent. The city estimated property damage exceed $60,000. This proposed bill could make those who do the damage responsible for paying to fix it.

It could also require violent protesters to cover the extra expense of sending public safety officers to riots or unlawful protests.

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If you want to stay on top of what you're lawmakers are doing, there's an easy way on ncleg.net. Just find your lawmaker under the "View Member Info" tab. Then you'll be able to see what bill they've introduced and how they've voted.