GREENSBORO, N.C. - Amazon Prime offers free shipping, early access to exclusive deals and deep discounts on common household products. But with the $99 per year price tag, you might be on the fence about purchasing it. Never fear! 2 Wants To Know found three ways to get big discounts. We're getting the price down to 72 dollars a year, 69, and even free!!!

First you can score prime for $72 if you have an EBT card for food assistance. All you have to do is confirm you have the card through a special form on Amazon's website.

The price drops to $69 if you use the coupon app Ibotta. You'll pay the full $99 up front, but get a $20 coupon to use on Amazon. And if it's your first time using Ibotta, you get another $10 voucher to use on other products on the app.

And finally, you can get amazon prime for FREE if you're a student. The free fee only lasts for six months. Then you can discontinue it or pay $5.49 per month. Overall a pretty good deal.

Ben Briscoe WFMY News 2