GREENSBORO, NC – “Most people don't know how much they spend in a month….” Says Certified Financial Planner Matt Logan.

If your answer to "how much do you spend every month?" is “All of it”, that's still not the answer Logan is looking for. And really-- he says you need to see all of your money to get the full picture of what you spend: your budget, your bank accounts of course, your student loan, your credit cards, your 401k, your life insurance. This sounds like a lot of work to put it together--right?! But there's help.

Logan offered up three online budget tools:

Mint. It shows you your balances of all accounts, lets you pay bills and track investments--all in one place.

Shoeboxed. It helps you digitize all your receipts and it archives everything and is easily searchable.

Buxfer. This is really cool if you share costs with family members or a significant other. It allows you to split expenses, create budgets and bill reminders.

And while you're on line and while I have your attention, Logan has one more reminder, “Look at your beneficiaries. I feel like every week I have a client that has their ex-wife from 10 years ago on their 401k or your life insurance. A lot of times you set up that stuff and then let the paperwork collect dust somewhere.”