GREENSBORO, NC -- Do you give? You have company, in fact, 96% of Americans say they make charitable contributions. In a recent survey, the giving was broken down this way:
40% money
35% contribute clothes/food/other goods
19% volunteer time

And while it’s Giving Tuesday, donating money is an any and every day event. 2 help you decide who to give your money to.

Charity Navigator has teamed up with three other sites; Global Giving, Classy and Guidestar. Charity Navigator rates the charities. The other three sites provide varied information the charities. Together, their information can help you figure out how the charity spends the donations you give.

Here's an easy rule of thumb; am efficient charity will spend 75% or more on programs and services and only 25% on administrative costs.

And here's something helpful, if you donate right from the Charity Navigator site, the giving basket allows you to make donations to multiple charities in a single check-out with a compiled tax receipt sent right to your email inbox.