Your 2016 taxes are due April 18th, but it's also your last chance to file for a 2013 tax refund.

By law, most taxpayers get a 3 year window to claim a refund.

The IRS estimates nearly 30,000 people in North Carolina could be eligible for refunds. The dollar amount is nothing to ignore, either. The IRS believes nearly $27,000,000 worth of refund money is out there and the average refund is $656.

You'll need to file a 2013 tax return by April 18th to see if you have money coming your way. If you don't, that cash becomes the property of the U.S. Treasury.

You can find prior tax forms and instructions on filing at

Now keep this in mind. If you didn't file you're tax return in 2013, you are *NOT* guaranteed a tax refund. You could fill out your tax forms and find out you actually owe the government money.

The only way you'll find out is by filing.