GREENSBORO, NC -- Ever since Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said the ACC Tourney had reason to be played in Greensboro and that the town added no value, people have been talking up Greensboro. But what are the numbers?!?!

"You get in the media centers and the recruiting centers, how many players do they have in Greensboro? I
mean, New York, Washington, Atlanta, that's where the media centers are," argued Boeheim.

But the media travels...right? Like to Augusta for the Masters or to South Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series. Somehow, .it all gets on TV.

Boeheim went on to say, the tournament is a business. So, are there more seats to sell in the big city venue versus Greensboro? 2WTK looked at the seating capacity. The Barclays Center has a little over 18,000 seats total. The Greensboro Coliseum has 22,000 plus. So, if you're just looking at seats to sell, Greensboro is better for the bottom line.

What about ticket prices? That was a little more hard to tell. The prices change every year. The ACC says the league and member schools decide ticket prices based on the market for similar events.