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Airlines began expanding their Hurricane Irma change-fee waivers to include Florida airports as the storm appeared increasingly likely to track toward the state.

American, JetBlue, Spirit, Southwest and Air Canada were among the carriers that now included at least some Florida airports in their Irma-related rebooking policies.

Most airlines already had included some Caribbean destinations in their fee-waiver policies. But Tuesday marked the first time that mainland U.S. airports were added to the various airline policies.

The details varied by airline, but – generally – they permitted customers to make one change to their itineraries without paying change fees that can cost $200 or more per passenger.

While most rebooking waivers allowed fliers to move their flights without paying a fare difference, there’s usually a finite travel window to do so. For passengers wishing to move their flights to dates outside those booking windows, most carriers were allowing customers to apply the full value of their remaining ticket toward a newly booked one -- with some restrictions.

Scroll down for links to U.S. airlines waiving change fees for Hurricane Irma. Click on an airline's name (in bold) to see the details and fine print via each carrier's website.

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