When it comes to car shopping there are all sorts of things you need to think about: Gas mileage, safety, wheel systems. Should you get front wheel drive? All-wheel drive? What do those even mean?

Front-wheel drive and back-wheel drive work just like how they sound. The power from the engine goes to those wheels only. That is, unless you have the manual option to kick that car into 4-wheel drive. That's an all-terrain mode.

According to Kelly Blue Book, front-wheel drive has better fuel economy and more space, which is why most sedans and mini-vans are usually front wheel drive. Since all of the weight is over the wheels, it has good traction on slippery surfaces, but you need to be driving slow, not speeding on icy roads.

So when we get wintry mixes, front wheel drive will help you stay on the road. And if you're looking for a luxury, sports car or truck, those are likely going to be rear wheel drive. Other cars are all-wheel drive, meaning the car itself senses the conditions on the road and figures out where to put the power.

So which one should you pick? Kelly blue book says for most people - front wheel drive will do the trick.