GREENSBORO, N.C. – 2 Wants to Know bought a few pet products and tested them to see if they're worth your money. We've tested a whole bunch of things, like the Pedi Paws, Woof Washer 360, ThunderShirt, and the Polar Pooch.

Pedi Paws

It's supposed to keep their nails from cracking or splintering, which can happen when you clip their nails.

However, you can't open the package and expect it to work. The directions tell you to turn on the Pedi Paws, and use treats and praise while you train your pet. This will take several days.

Filing takes no more than 2 seconds a nail, which is good because, the dog we tested it on only lasted two seconds before pulling her paw away.

So is it worth the $9.99?

Dog owner, Olivia Dickinson says yes, but only if you have time to train your pet on it every day.

“It's not a onetime use thing, you're not going to open it up and start working on it.”

Woof Washer 360

It attaches to your hose. Once it's connected, the directions tell you to turn the water off, then begin. The soap dispenser is attached to the hoop handle.

The Woof Washer 360 claims you can wash your dog in less than a minute, guaranteed.

In the product videos, all of the dogs are standing still, but the dog we tested on, not so much.

Our tester says, she wouldn't spend $30 on the Woof Washer.


It claims to calm dogs during storms, car travel, even fireworks.

Owners recorded their pups wearing the shirt during a fireworks show and all of them did well. The shirt applies constant gentle pressure to the dog. It costs about $40.

Polar Pooch

2 Wants to Know’s Ben Briscoe brought the pad to a local dog park.

He tested in with a thermometer gun, the ground was 84 degrees and so was the mat. He took the temperature multiple times to be sure. Each time the mat and the ground were about the same.

The directions say it's a pressure activated cooling mat. So we needed to get the dogs to lay on it.

A owner at the dog park tried, but his dogs wanted no part of the mat. So 2 Wants to know sent the mat home with Moose and Michael for the weekend.

Michael snapped a picture of Moose trying it out, but it didn’t last long.

Since the dogs wouldn't stay on the mat for long, 2 Wants to Know’s Ben Briscoe tried it out.

After shifting his weight around for a few minutes, he could feel a difference.

The mat registered at 84 degree and the ground registered at 89. Before Ben sat down the ground and mat were the same temperature

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