GREENSBORO, NC -- When are you late? My Dad would say if you're not 10 minutes early for an appointment, you're late. Everyone has their own definition, including the DMV.

Every month it seems there is a bit of confusion as viewers are just getting their registration renewal notices. As of July 2016, a fee is included if you are late renewing your vehicle registration and sticker. It used to be, you got a 15 day grace period. No more.

If you're late, you will be charged the late fee on the first day of the next month. That doesn't mean you have until the first day of the next month to pay it without a fee, you just have until then before you get the bill.

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The good news is you can still operate your vehicle for up to 15 days after your registration is expired without being ticketed. (Can you imagine getting hit with a late fee and a ticket?!?)

Here's a quick look at the late fee charges:

$15 at the beginning.
$20 if it's after a month
$25 if it's 2 months late or more

Where do the fees go? About 85% goes to the State Highway Fund which is used to replace bridges, resurfacing highways, etc.

And about 15% goes to the Strategic Transportation Investment fund which is for new construction projects.